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We believe that the physical environment we live in is not ours, but has been passed on to us to safeguard for future generations. Thus we embrace the concept of Environmental Stewardship which requires that the present generation are only wards entrusted with passing on our environment and country to future generations in a better state than we found it.

Safeguarding our common assets requires a structured and holistic approach to the environment, planning and use of resources.

We believe that the development has to be planned on a long term process, bridging generations.  Our village cores, natural resources, open spaces and shared heritage need to be protected and made used of in a sustainable way.

A national Masterplan integrating the needs of the environment, the economy and the needs of the population has to embrace a wide range of issues including urban design, waste management, our historical and cultural heritage, transportation, water and energy policies, and quality of life.

We believe that development, industry and environmental safeguarding can coexist if the respective authorities are given back their autonomy, and if all stakeholders embrace a culture of mutual respect. Enshrining environmental protection in the Constitution is not enough unless we respect this in spirit and put such principle as the guiding light of Malta’s development.

Transportation issues are deemed to be a major bottleneck in the furthering of our country’s development.  They are presenting a serious barrier to efficiency and productivity. Mobility is being compromised and valuable resources are going to waste, leading to deterioration in our quality of life.

Piecemeal solutions are no longer relevant and all these issues need to be tackled in a holistic way to find the right balance and outcome thus safeguarding our environment. We must first stop the degradation that has been happening these past decades and then we can start restoring our environment to its former beauty.

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