PD calls for the establishment of a Lobbyist Register

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PD calls for the establishment of a Lobbyist Register

The interests of society are not the same as the values of society. Partit Demokratiku notes that these values and the moral fibre have deteriorated.

Democracy in Malta has been overtaken by the lack of good governance where autonomy and the independence of entities and institutions has been eroded. Party allegiance and partisan politics have shackled public opinion to the point that the people no longer have the space to think independently. The perception of many is that politics is dirty and separates ‘us’ from ‘them’.

Well known powerful individuals have ended up dictating the country’s agenda because it is in their own interest that the present political system in Malta remains as it is, with two parties that depend on their resources.

A particular challenge that affects good governance are the lobbyists. Their work is to influence the running of the country strategically for their benefit or the benefit of those they represent. These are accountable only to their employers, their shareholders, or the consumers of commercial business, and use either money or influence to pave their way. It is about time that Malta establishes a Lobbyist Register because this is the only way that we can witness more transparency and remove the threat of pecuniary interests.

It is also opportune for Partit Demokratiku to remind the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition that if they really believe in good governance, then the time has come to appoint a Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, and when Parliament reconvenes, PD’s motion for the establishment of a permanent committee to supervise the regulatory bodies in the financial and gaming sectors be discussed.

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