Our Vision and Principles

Democratic Party was formed after a public call launched by Dr Marlene Farrugia who had earlier resigned from the Labour Party. People from various walks of life came together in a very particular moment in the recent history of Maltese Politics. People felt they were no longer represented by the two traditional parties and needed a new political force. From March 2016 up to this very day, various individuals have come together to work on a statute and form a political party which will be participating actively in the Maltese political landscape. The principles which we united together for are good governance, people — centred politics, health and wellbeing of both people and the environment and effective social justice.

The party has chosen orange as its colour and would be best described as being on the centre — left of the political spectrum.

Our members come from different walks of life. Our policies are being written by both experts in the fields and in accordance to the need of both the people and the environment around us. Our members can contribute actively to our policy — making process.

We believe in building a political system which is representative of the Maltese society as a whole and which aims to do what is right for the common good of the people living on the Maltese Islands and its natural environment.


The Party is founded on and will be guided in its policy formation by the following principles:

a) Solidarity: The common good demands solidarity, the unity which arises from the realisation that we are all mutually dependent on each other and that the best society is based on cooperating with mutual consideration and respect. Every Citizen must have the same rights and opportunity to influence solutions, and everyone must have the same obligations to take responsibility for them. Solidarity does not exclude the desire for individual development and success, but it does not accept the egotism that makes it permissible to exploit others, especially the most vulnerable in society, for personal gain. To this end, the Party commits itself to foster and actively promote solidarity and unity among all the peoples of this country regardless of ethnic origin, religion, position, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, occupation, status in society or political affiliation;

b) Equality: Every individual, regardless of background, is given the same opportunity to build his own life and influence his society. All individuals are valued equally, have equal opportunities, and may not be discriminated against because of religion, social and economic status, ancestry, ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. This equality implies the right to choose and develop differently, without the differences leading to subordination and inequalities in power and influence over everyday life and society. Freedom and equality concern both individual rights and collective solutions to achieve what is best for the common good, and also form the basis for the individual’s life and opportunities. The Party commits itself to build a free and democratic system of government under which all persons will be able to contribute to the welfare, peace and prosperity of our Nation and keep its citizens free from dictatorship and oppression. It will strive to harness to the full the human and natural resources of the country and ensure that the wealth of the country is not monopolized by a section of the population but is fairly shared and enjoyed by all. This also refers to natural resources, and not only economic and financial wealth;

c) Freedom: The Party believes that every person should be free from external coercion and pressure, blackmail, exploitation, hunger, ignorance and fear of the future, and should be free to participate in decision-making at every level and in all situations, to develop themselves, to interact freely with others and for people to have the opportunity to control their own life and choose their own future. The Party also believes in economic freedom allowing enjoyment of property and prosperity in business, and that people are allowed to choose their own work and to associate in a trade union of their choice;

d) Power within a democracy: All power in society must come from individuals who, together, make up society. Economic interests should never have the right to set limits on democracy. Democracy always has the right to specify the conditions for the economy. The Party believes in the creation and maintenance of truly independent structures (courts and authorities) with power to act against any illegal and improper action by an elected official or branch of government. Above all, the Party maintains a zero-tolerance position against corruption;

e) Tolerance: The Party believes in complete political tolerance whereby on one hand, the wishes of the majority of the people are respected and, on the other hand, the rights of the minority shall be protected. People who are not in power must be allowed to organize themselves and express themselves freely, without fear of retribution, provided they do so within the limits laid down at Law. A democratic society is often composed of people from different cultures, racial, religious, ethnic groups or other minorities who might have viewpoints different from the majority of the population. The Party believes that a democratic society is enriched by diversity and that democracy allows for the determination of the best possible decision for the society. Decisions are more likely to be accepted, even by those people who oppose them, if allowed to discuss, debate & question them;

f) Fair and free elections: Every individual or group of individuals should have the right to stand for elections, and nothing in the electoral process should give an advantage to an individual or party over another individual or party. The Party believes that a multi-party system in Parliament enhances Democracy and helps provide the Government with different viewpoints on issues;

g) Accountability: Elected and appointed officials have to be accountable for their actions and are to be responsible for their actions, even after their term of office has expired;

h) Transparency: The Party believes that citizens have the right to know what is happening in the Country and this can only be done by electing a fully accountable and transparent government. The Party will work towards ensuring that all information of public interest, including information (contracts, agreements, etc) relating to the sale of national assets be made public in a manner that the public can comprehend, digest, comment and contest any sale;

i) Human Rights: The Party will respect and protect the human rights of all persons, irrespective of religion, ethnic group, gender, sexual orientation or disability, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), United Nations, 1948 and with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), Council of Europe, 1950;

j) Sustainability: The Party commits itself to ensuring that the wealth of the Country be it economic wealth, cultural, natural resources and other, is enjoyed by future generations that inhabit this Land. While The Party understands that prosperity requires the use of the Country’s resources, this should not compromise the ability of future generations to have similar access to these resources and national assets.

You can also directly download a copy of our statute from here.