Our Vision and Principles

The Democratic Party was formed after a public call launched by Hon Dr Marlene Farrugia in early 2016, a few months after resigning from the Labour Party. This happened at a historic point in Maltese politics where people felt they were no longer represented by the two traditional parties and needed a new political force. The party has chosen orange as its colour and would be best described as being on the centre — left of the political spectrum.

The first Executive Committee of the Democratic Party was elected in October 2016 with Dr Marlene Farrugia as leader of the Party. Just nine months after the formal formation of the Party, the Democratic Party elected two seats in the
Maltese Parliament; Hon Dr Godfrey Farrugia and Hon Dr Marlene Farrugia. In November 2017, Dr Anthony Buttigieg was elected leader of the Democratic Party along with a new Executive Committee.

On the 1st of December 2017, the PD was admitted into the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE), adhering to the principles of social liberalism. The Democratic Party therefore puts the interests of the citizen first and foremost, against the abuses of the State, while expecting the citizen to have a certain responsibility to his community and society at large

The main principles which bind the party together are good governance, human centred politics and social justice. The Party’s official colour is orange, it believes in social liberalism and it sits on the centre-left of the political spectrum. Our
members come from different walks of life and our policies are written by experts in their relevant fields, while keeping in mind the needs of both the people and the environment around us.

We believe in building a political system which is representative of the Maltese society as a whole, putting an end to the system of tribal politics, amoral familism and nepotism, and which aims to do what is right for the common good of the
people living in Malta and Gozo.