The Executive Committee of the Democratic Party consists of:


Leader – Anthony Buttigieg
Anthony Buttigieg


Born in Malta 1962, Dr Buttigieg spent his childhood in England. He graduated in medicine from the University in Malta in 1987. Dr Buttigieg spent several years working at St Luke Hospital accident and emergency department before moving to St. James Hospital where he works as a senior medical officer. In 1999 Dr Buttigieg led a medical mission to Albania during the Kosovo war. He is a founding member of Partit Demokratiku becoming a deputy leader upon its formation.


Dr Buttigieg was appointed leader of PD on 1st November 2017. In his free time, Dr Buttigieg enjoys painting and reading – a hobby which accrued him a library of some 2000 books. Dr Buttigieg also loves nature and growing vegetables in his own home garden patch. He is a firm believer in a fair, socially just and honest government.


Secretary General – Lee Bugeja Bartolo


Mr Bugeja Bartolo was born in Sydney Australia in August of 1990 and brought up in Rabat, Malta. An aerospace engineer by profession, Mr Bugeja Bartolo works in the local industrial engineering industry. Studying abroad has been an enriching experience both personally and professionally for him but since moving away from Malta, Lee fell in love with it. The experience enabled him to appreciate more than ever the rich history, charming architecture and beautiful Mediterranean landscapes Malta and Gozo boast of. It is this very same love that urged Lee to take a more active approach in Maltese politics and get involved with PD. Lee is passionate about science and engineering, aviation, travel and non-fiction literature.


Deputy Leader – Timothy Alden


Timothy Alden is an environmental activist and manager of cultural events. Born in Swieqi, Mr Alden spent many years in Germany at a young age before returning to Malta. His passion is the promotion of the many rich treasures Malta already has – and finding ways to make the past work for the present as well as the future. Mr Alden’s dream is that of a beautiful, free and safe jewel of the Mediterranean, proud of its evolving identity. He currently lives in Naxxar and enjoys reading, hiking, climbing and picnics with his loved ones


Public Relations Officer – Rosalind (Rosa) Borg
Affectionately known as Rosa, Ms Borg works as a secretary with a local NGO. Rosa has been a lifetime floating voter until she decided to get involved in Partit Demokratiku at a time when she could not bear to watch the situation Malta  deteriorating without taking any action. Rosa strongly believes that the country needs a third party to represent those who would otherwise have no voice. Being an avid reader and lover of literature, Rosa has been writing poetry since she was 12 years old. In her spare time, Rosa also enjoys cooking and gardening.


Treasurer – Charles Polidano


Born in Kirkop, Mr Charles Polidano received his initial education at government schools in this locality. At the University of Malta, Mr Polidano read for a degree in psychology, sociology and educate later specialising in life education at the University of Stirling in Soctland, United Kingdom. He started his career as a social worker and moved into teaching in state schools. Mr Polidano is currently employed as an Assistant Head of the Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School in Naxxar. He successfully completed in various educational programmes in Romania, Ireland and Germany. Mr Charles Polidano is oue of the founders of Partit Demokratiku, is the son of labour workers and values hard work, honesty and sincerity, He loves Maltese culture and is involved in Maltese village band clubs.


Events and Fundraising Coordinator – Catherine Farrugia


Mrs Catherine Farrugia was born in Kirkop on the 22nd September 1969. Catherine Farrugia has worked for 14 years in diplomacy assisting Ambassadors at the Austrian Embassy in Malta. She was the founder of the Austrian Association in Malta and she also participated in the organization of various diplomatic and trade delegations. Together with the Austrian Embassy, she organized various Cultural activities to promote the Austrian Culture in Malta. Mrs Farrugia received her education at the University of Malta receiving a Diploma in Political Studies and a Masters in Contemporary Diplomacy. She now lives in Zurrieq with her two daughters.


Member – Rebecca Schembri


Ms Rebecca Schembri was born in Malta and raised in Sliema. She is currently in her final year reading for a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malta. Ms Schembri is passionate about public health and human rights. Being raised in a family of teachers, as well as having been a teacher and an LSA previously, she is also very interested in education. She is an avid mentor of younger students, as she feels she has a duty to pay it forward and make the progression from secondary to tertiary education as seamless as possible. Her favourite quote is, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”


Member – Marlene Farrugia

Marlene Farrugia was born at her family home in Zurrieq on the 24 th July 1966. Like the two sisters born to the same family, Marlene received her primary education in the local primary school. Secondary education was completed at Qrendi Secondary and Maria Assumpta ,Hamrun, both state schools. At 16 years , Marlene Farrugia was accepted by the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the University of Malta from which she graduated in 1987. She has been practising in her private dental clinics ever since.

Marlene Farrugia has three children, Jennifer, Gregory and Marija. As a student Marlene was an active member of USCM, and the Representative of the dental student body on the KSU. In 1996, she was elected on the Zebbug Local Council with the PN. In 2008 , 2013 she was elected to Parliament as a Labour Party Representative. The 22nd October 2016 was the official date for the formalisation of the Democratic Party which she founded with a group of other Maltese Citizens and which she led till the early general elections called on 3rd June 2017. In April 2017, Marlene Farrugia had steered her party into a coalition with the Nationalist Party, enabling Democratic Party candidates to contest on the PN ticket as Forza Nazzjonali candidates. This move propelled the Democratic Party into Parliament, since Marlene Farrugia and Godfrey Farrugia were elected frim the 10 th district and 7 th district respectively.

Marlene Farrugia currently resides in Qrendi.


Member – Godfrey Farrugia
Godfrey Farrugia is a family doctor, and currently serves as an Opposition member of the Maltese parliament representing Partit Demokratiku. He formerly served as mayor of his home town Haz-Zebbug, Minister for Health and Government Whip. He is the author and editor of a number of cultural publications.