Making our policies more humane.

Partit Demokratiku is saddened by the death of Frederick Ofosu who took his life and who’s case was reported in the media. there have been others like him in the past whose tragic demise was not reported in the media.

Partit Demokratiku reiterates its stand on giving citizenship to children born to migrants who are born in Malta. Inhuman policies which address numbers not people, should be resolved to come up with policies firmly rooted in complete regard for human dignity. Partit Demokratiku asks the government to come up with concrete integration and inclusion plans for people who have been granted THPN status and who have become part of our society. Those people already accorded that status, should not be treated as a number or as an inconvience but should be given a right to residential status in our country; given that they have become fully integrated and possess a clean conduct.
Partit Demokratiku feels it is high time that the government sets up a lobby within international fora to redefine the term ‘refugee’, as the current definition reflects a post world war situation and has not been updated since then. Refugee status should take into account current global realities, so that people do not suffer injustice due to outdated policies. The acquisition of refugee status should be made possible by compiling a set of criteria which reflects today‚Äôs reality with regards to the causes of human displacement. Climate change, war and weather induced famines can cause families to flee just as much as any other abuse of their humanity.