Democratic Party was formed after a public call launched by Dr Marlene Farrugia who had earlier resigned from the Labour Party. People from various walks of life came together in a very particular moment in the recent history of Maltese Politics. People felt they were no longer represented by the two traditional parties and needed a new political force. From March 2016 up to this very day, various individuals have come together to work on a statute and form a political party which will be participating actively in the Maltese political landscape. The principles which we united together for are good governance, people — centred politics, health and wellbeing of both people and the environment and effective social justice. The party has chosen orange as its colour and would be best described as being on the centre — left of the political spectrum.

Our members come from different walks of life. Our policies are being written by both experts in the fields and in accordance to the need of both the people and the environment around us. Our members can contribute actively to our policy — making process. We believe in building a political system which is representative of the Maltese society as a whole and which aims to do what is right for the common good of the people living on the Maltese Islands and its natural environment.

PD is a member of ALDE . Manifesto can be accessed here.